Minimum System Requirements

Desktop System Requirements

  Microsoft® Windows® Mac OS X
Processor 1GHz processor or faster Intel Core™ Duo 1.33GHz or faster processor
Memory 1 GB of RAM and Above 512 MB of RAM and Above
Platform Operating systems Browsers
Windows Windows 7
Windows Vista®
Windows XP
Internet Explorer 8.0 and above Firefox 3.0 and above
Apple Macintosh
Mac OS X 10.5 Safari 5.0.x
Mac OS X 10.6 Safari 5.0.x
Safari 5.1.x
Mac OS X 10.7 Safari 5.1.x
Speaker Test

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Microphone Test
Video Test
* You must have an Internet connection to the Internet (Cable, DSL, etc.).The Minimum Bandwidth requirement is 512KB.
* Pop-Up-Blocker- Pop-Up -Blocker needs to be disabled on the browser which will be used.
The system requirements for The Tutoring Center are such that it can be used on nearly any computer.
The Tutoring Center - Fire Wall Trouble Shooting
Please note that the following incoming traffic needs to be allowed.
IP TCP – 80/1935 80/1935 80/1935 – 80/1935 80/443 80/1935 80/1935 80/1935 80/1935 80/1935 80/1935 80/1935 80/1935 80/443
  Outward traffics from the below ports needs to be allowed.
Destination Source UDP 1935
* 10000-10050
* refers to all the addresses/URL's mentioned above.